The Lingerie Guide to the Universe


Lingerie does for a lady’s figure what exactly seasoning does for food. As the spices and herbaceous enriches the flavor of food, corsets, bustier, dresses, hot bras and thongs enhances the observable effects of a woman’s human body. I don’t know exactly what crude man first discovered adding spices and herbs to meals, but, God bless him. Do not get me wrong… I believe food can be very yummy without spicesnonetheless, it is even better with them. Much like lingerie.

Lingerie accentuates the shape of the lady. Females are amazing on their own, but lingerie provides that added kick which would make them bubble using flavors never before imagined

Like I considered that, I recognized I had only made a match up between food and lingerie. Just how strange, just what a strange connection once you think about it. Is there any some true connection between lingerie and food? Think about everything else from the world? I think lingerie is related with all the full world, also I’m out to prove it. Let’s take a look at food .
From Lingerie to Meals:

1) Lingerie

Loose t shirt made from cotton, nylon, nylon or diaphanous chiffon which can be used like a baby doll.


Multi Functional monomers (i.e., glycerol) lead to cross-linking


Glycerin is applied in glycerin soap, in makeup and creams, in foodsin chemistry, and in glycerin mist.

Thus we return to meals

2) Lingerie

French language, for women’s undergarments. These garments have been eroticised in Western civilization.




[Other paraphilias] sitophilia: sensual arousal out of your food.

And now we have been in food again.

3) Lingerie

Merry widow

Merry widow -endorsed hook and eye flange, as well as also the whole garment has been wrapped with nylon voile. Nine lengthy spiral cables were cased in black



Hemp (Cannabis sativa”) as an origin of petroleum, foods, fibre, etc.. Yepback again to food .

That you proceed, three or more ways lingerie is connected to food. How about anything else?
Well, Why Don’t You start with some of the apparent ones like gender:

Lingerie to Sex:

Inch ) Lingerie

Derived in the French language, for women’s thoughts. These garments are heavily eroticised in Western culture.


[History / Present day] at least in advertising. Sex became the Principal selling point, bringing to fruition a trend that had been building since at least the flapper era

Gender – view, I told me that this one has been not obvious. Desire an even more obscure a single?

2) Lingerie

French maid

French maid

They Are a Type of women’ Fantasywear that based upon layout, Facts could be classified as lingerie


Clothing, usually including lingerie, so that we wear in the boudoir for living out Sexual Fantasies.

Sex- Not too obvious the moment.

3) Lingerie



Worn following bathing or alternative activities by which the wearer is nude to keep warm or sustain modesty in days of no immediate requirement to entirely dress.


Friend or family of the very same gender


Okay, still another simple one, really like.

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